Vigor Verenice at Merrilyn

DOB 26th October 2005

(Weiambea Eccentric Echo at Vigor x Baimor Miss Dior with Vigor)


Amber came to us from Vigor Beagles at 8 weeks old, in December 2005 . She had a good if short show career from which she retired to produce her litter of 5 pups which included Millie and Penny. Highlights of her showing career are shown below. Amber is first and foremost a pet and lives in the house. Amber has tested clear of MLS and NCCD.

Show Highlights:

East of England 2006        Minor Puppy Bitch        3rd                                   Andrew Smalley

Leeds 2006                         Minor puppy Bitch        2nd                                  Brenda Banbury

Ashfield CS  2006               Junior Beagle                2nd BPIB  HPG1             Nick Gourley/Mary Deats

Rydale & Pickering 2006    Puppy                            1st BPIB                          Ron Caney

Retford CS  2008                Post Grad                      2nd                                   Paul Heyes

                          Ambers Litter  21st September 2012

                                                                    (Vigor Verenice at Merrilyn x Dufosee Ikea)

Puppies 4 weeks old

Pheonix (girl)


Bangles (girl)

Leah (girl)

Spot (boy)


Pete (boy)


Amber's litter born 15th June 2011:-

(Vigor Verenice At Merrilyn x Merrilyn I Am A Rock)

Pups 3 days Old


Rosy (Rosie)

2.5 weeks                          5 weeks


Gordon (now Max)

2.5 weeks                          5 weeks


Albert (Albert!)

2.5 weeks                             5 weeks


Victor (now Darwin!)

2.5 weeks                            5 weeks


Roland (now Bentley)

2.5 weeks                        5 weeks


Victoria (Now Ruby)

2.5 weeks                            5 weeks


Bridget (Ember)

2.5 weeks                         5 weeks