Merrilyn Beagles

Merrilyn Beagles is a relatively young kennels having been established in 2004 with the purchase of Benny Baggins primarily as a pet and companion dog.

Benny was Lesley W's first dog and first beagle! Lesley ventured into the world of dog showing in June 2005 with Benny who did remarkably well in the ring, first at Companion Shows and then at both Open and Championship levels. Inevitably the 'showing bug' had been caught and in December 2006 Amber joined us at Merrilyn.

Amber had a litter sired by Champion Dialynne Maximus in August 2007 and produced five wonderful puppies including Millie and Penny.

We are very grateful to Nick and Liz Morgan of Brydea Beagles for allowing Greta to join Merrilyn Beagles in May 2008 and she has qualified for Crufts for the last three years running. Greta had her first litter in 2010 which produced Ellie - Merrilyn Feelin Groovy. Ellie is the first 'Merrilyn' bred beagle to qualify for Crufts which she has done for 2 years running and will be at Crufts 2014!!