Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud


DOB 25th October 2014

(Real Small Devil Focus on Merrilyn (imp) x Merrilyn Diamond in the Dark)

Sting started his show career in 2015 and is a very happy young beagle. He is hereditary clear of MLS and NCCD and tested clear of IGS .

Show Results

May 2015                 Birmingham National Champ Show                  Linda Hawley                           Minor Puppy Dog    VHC  

26th May 2015        Boston CS Open Show                                     Charles Pitt                             Junior Dog             3rd

7th June 2015         The Beagle Club Champ Show                           Mrs S Bownds                        Minor Puppy Dog   VHC

18th July 2015         The Beagle Ass Champ Show                            Mr J Woodcock                      Minor Puppy Dog    4th

1st August 2015       The Hound Show                                             Mr B P Walden                       Puppy Dog 3rd (Qualified Crufts 2016!)

29th August 2015     NMCBC Ch Show                                              Hazel Deans                           Puppy Dog            3rd

4th Sept 2015           City Of Birmingham                                          Mrs S Weber-Martegani          Puppy Dog           3rd

18th Sept 2015         Darlington                                                      Phil Freer                                Puppy Dog            2nd

19th Sept 2015         4 Counties BC                                                 Nick Morgan                           Puppy Dog            2nd
                                   "Tri dog. Dark eye. Good topline. Preferred movement of winner."

27th Sept 2015          Pollard Open Show                                                                                      Beagle puppy 1st BOB BPIB PHG 1

2rd Oct 2015              Driffield                                                          Tim Jones                              Puppy Dog             3rd

17th Oct 2015            NMCBC Open Show                                         Marie Brown                         Puppy Dog             1st

7th Dec 2015              Pollard Limit Show                                          Patricia Butler                      Post Grad Hound    1st

7th Dec 2015              Pollard Limit Show                                          Patricia Butler                      AV Junior               1st

14th Jan 2016            Manchester Ch Show                                       Drew Littlejohn                    Junior beagle         3rd    

23rd Jan 2016            Lichfield Open Show                                        Denys Conway                      Junior beagle          3rd

30th Jan 2016           The Northern Dog Club                                     Alan Curry                            Junior Beagle          1st

13th Feb 2016           NMCBC Open Show                                           Dick Morrison                       Graduate Beagle      2nd
                                 " tri who pleased in head and expression, he was well presented, had A1 bone, he moved positively,
                                  I particularly liked his rear driving action."

13th March 2016           Crufts                                                               Brian Foster                        Graduate Dog     VHC

16th April 2016             Humberside Hound Open Show                         Ray Moorland                     Junior Beagle      1st

9th May 2016               Birmingham National                                         Robert Greaves                     Under Graduate Dog   1st
UGD (2) 1 Moorby & White’s Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud, gave a decent profile picture, he carries an attractive head, soft expression with well placed dark eye, well constructed hindquarters & an honest mover;

12th June 2016            Border Counties Hound Show                           Kath Herrington                   Post Grad Beagle   1st BOB

25th June 2016            Blackpool Champ Show                                      Stuart Mallard                      Post graduate Dog 1st (qualified Crufts 2017)
PG(4) 1st Moorby & White Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud, appealing lad,20mo with a delightful head, melting expression and leathers low set, gently crested neck into clean shoulders, good legs and feet, quite well coupled, firm topline and tailset high, useful hindquarters and action. Nice lad X

9th July 2016               East of England CS                                             Mr B D Day                           Yearling               1st
YD (1) 1 Moorby & White’s Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud, a compact, typy hound in good condition. Acceptable head & expression, pleasing body & bone & good tight feet. Nicely angulated rear with well developed quarters & neat hocks. He moved OK.

30th July 2016             Beagle Association CS                                        Mr D Day                              Graduate             3rd

6th August 2016          Hound Show                                                      Frank Borg                           Yearling                VHC
                                                                                                                                                          Post Graduate      3rd
3rd Sept 2016              City of Birmingham                                             Karen Simpkin                      Graduate              2nd

25th Sept 2016            Pollard CS Open Show                                        Ian Sexton                           Post Graduate      1st RBIB

1st October                  Driffield CS                                                          Derreck Player                      Post graduate      4th

19th January 2017       Manchester Champ Show                                    Andrew Brace                      Post Graduate       3rd

11th February 2017      NMCBC Open Show                                             Kelly Nash                            Graduate Dog        2nd