Feeding Our Beagles

Here at Merrilyn beagles we only feed nk9d food!  We have tried many different brands of food but in the end became dissatisfied with them all! We need to know exactly what we are feeding our dogs and that is sometimes very difficult to determine from the labels on the bags of many of the well-known brands. We would never feed any food that contains - meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, or any other artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives! There are other ingredients to avoid but if you want more details go to the nk9d website and order a Goody Bag! Our Beagles need to be in tip top condition for the show ring and we need to give our puppies the very best start in life.

Our puppies are weaned onto nk9d puppy food which is made into ’porridge’ for them to start with. We often add goats milk to this for them. By the time our puppies are 8 weeks old and ready to leave us for their new homes they are eating 4 meals per day of the Chippendales puppy food, which they are able to eat dry. We recommend to new owners that their puppy can also be given goats milk, a little grated cheese and maybe the occasional scrambled egg - foods that will ensure good bone growth.

We try and keep our puppies on the puppy food until they are 12 months old and on three meals a day up to 6 months of age. However sometimes they get bored after 6 months. If this happens we switch them onto the Large Breed Puppy which is Salmon and Potato and they love it! We also use this as treats for all our beagles because they really love it!!

As our Beagles become more mature we move onto the adult nk9d foods. The show team always eat the nk9d Salmon and Potato, it has a fairly high oil content and is great for glossy coats and all round good health. The nk9d kibble is made to be crunchy so it helps to keep their teeth in good condition and clean.

For more information  about nk9d Dog Foods please visit their web site.